A Verification Report

serves as the diagnostic output of a barcode verifier. While different software may format scan reports differently, all provide a detailed analysis of barcode print quality. Barcode verifiers assess the compliance of printed barcodes with relevant standards, assigning an overall grade based on various aspects of print quality.


We emailed a barcode .pdf file to an independent verifier who printed it with an office laser printer (note: a physical version would have improved the quality)


Verification Report: 0791883000002

Barcode Type: UPC-A

Print Quality: 2.6/06/660 (B) - Pass (≥1.5)

What does this mean? 

As a potential purchaser of barcodes from aussiebarcodes.com, you'll be pleased to know that the verification report shows a positive result for the print quality. The report states "Print Quality: 2.6/06/660 (B) - Pass (≥1.5)", which indicates that the barcodes meet the minimum acceptable standards.

The print quality grade of "B" signifies a satisfactory level of quality. This assures you that our barcodes are likely to be accurately scannable and readable by barcode scanners, ensuring reliable performance in various scenarios.

Furthermore, the mention of "Pass (≥1.5)" assures you that our barcodes have met or exceeded the required threshold for print quality. This means they are suitable for use in different environments and industries without compromising functionality.

With this verification report, you can have confidence that the barcodes you are purchasing meet the necessary quality standards. It ensures that the barcodes will serve their intended purposes effectively and reliably.